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because he says the sweetest things; that puts the pink on my cheeks♥

weekend update:

friday: hung out with tiffani. went home. kylee was there =) passed out.

saturday: Homecoming; with Robert, Tiffani, Frankie, Jenni & Calvin. woke up around...8. went with jenni to her grandmas house, to get her nails done, & to clean the car out. then went to my hair app. around 2. didnt get out of there until likr 4. went to the mall. came home. got ready. then everyone came to my house for pictures. (www.myspace.com/isparkleonmyown) then we went to dinner. & to the dance. it was fun. then we got kicked out...because tiffani & frankie decided to fight. after that...we all went out to sherenda's & partied. we didnt leave there until like 3. got home around 5. ♥

sunday: slept. hung out with jenni. then hung out with tino

monday: job interview. hung out with tiffani, samantha, & crystal for a few. then slept until about 3:30. jenni came over. we went out with calvin & frankie.

now: school. ugh.


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